We take a great pride in stating that after completing our training program, 100% candidates have experienced a much enhanced understanding of the subject & all of them have been recruited by reputed industries at much higher posts & remuneration than they were expecting or receiving prior to our training.

Training Program Summary

Our detailed training program is of 06 months’ duration and comprises of classroom & practical training, assisting our engineers in in-house repairs & maintenance, assisting our engineers in on-site repairs & maintenance, independent on-site problem solving assignments and individual projects.

The fee for this 06 month training program is INR 1,00,000, in which all the equipments, components, tools & venue is provided by Manikaran Electronics, including a brand new Cathode Ray Oscilloscope to every trainee.

Periodic reviews, tests & assessments by our internal team & the industry experts are conducted to ascertain & improve the affectivity & learning of all the candidates and a certificate is provided on successful completion of training.

OUR Projects and TRAINING

● Formal introduction to the complete spectrum of components currently being used in electronic designing and manufacturing Industry.
● Installation & Programming of various components on a PCB.
● Designing of Power Supplies of various voltage and current ratings as per application.
● CRO introduction and uses along with components testing and various waveforms of single phase, 3 phase, phase angle and w.r.t. AC and DC circuits.
● Advance applications of Multimeter in today’s Industries.
● Study of Mosfets, Thyristors, Diodes, Power Diodes, Modules, IGBT’S.
● DC Drive, it’s designing, components study, working, layout and its applications.
● AC Drive designing steps, layout of components, hardware & Software Programming.
● Power Regulators designing, layout, it’s various types like resistive, inductive , single phase, three phase and their applications.
● Various Industrial PID Process Understanding w.r.t. Temperature, Flow & Pressure. It’s programming and its uses.
● PLC, MMI Hardware understanding with application & programming.
● Panel Layout and wiring as per International Standards w.r.t. Imported machines and Drawings.
● Industrial visit to understand electronic used in Large scale Industry.
● Understanding and contributing to the problem solving in a running industry along with a Trained Engineer
● Conceptualization, designing and development of a fully functional electronic project individually.
● One Solo Problem solving of higher end machinery in a fully running Industry.

*Please Note: Above given list is the present proposed curriculum but can change from time to time.

Message to ENGINEERS

Proper Exposure + Proper Training + Patience = Fully Satisfied Engineer.

Live your Passion: - Make your passion your Profession

If you want to make it big you have to be a part of Training.

Nobody else but you only will be responsible for your Success/Failure.

We have limited seats and so just come and appear for the entrance and see if you can be a part of it.

Kindly note the programm is initially a non profitable project and started with the Aid and Technical Support from the Promoters of M/S MANKIRAN ELECTRONICS (P) LTD, Noida along with M/S ABAC POWER SYSTEMS (P) LTD, Noida.

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